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Expert level massage and stretching in the Wolcott, CT area


Located at 1783 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike

Plantsville or Southington, CT

At Commence Massage, we are determined to help you move and feel better. 


With work, fitness and our daily lives, our bodies  rarely feel as good as they were designed to: moving without pain and with mobility.


At Commence Massage, we take expert care into making you feel your absolute best.

When it comes to your health and wellness, don't settle for the quick fix, or anything less than great.

Experience the difference by visiting Commence Massage in the Wolcott, CT area.

We offer several options when it comes to aiding you in feeling your best, including assisted stretching to improve your mobility and flexibility.

If you are looking to not only improve your flexibility and mobility,  be sure to check out our health and fitness based programs at Commence Fitness

We are conveniently located close to the Wolcott, CT line.

Massage Therapy in the

Wolcott, CT area

The Commence Massage Studio

Serving those in the Wolcott, CT area

At Commence Massage, we're all about you. We want to know your goals, your needs and everything else that can help build your experience. 

From, there, we'll come up with a plan for your health, customized to you. 

Your plan will be designed to ensure constant improvement in your overall posture, mobility, flexibility and level of comfort.

Cupping in the Wolcott, CT area

You're not getting a basic massage at Commence Massage, you're getting specialized treatment that will allow you to feel your best. 

Our treatments are designed to have you hopping off the table feeling better than when you walked in. 

The massage therapists at Commence Massage are trained in a variety of different massage therapy techniques and practices to ensure that your goals are met

Sports Massage Wolcott, CT area

We're all about making you feel better.

Whether it's your back, your legs, your neck or the whole body, we'll have you leave feeling better than you did when you came in the door.

In addition to your massage, we'll show you stretches, exercises and other techniques to help reduce and relieve your pain and discomfort in between sessions. 

Our therapies include different modalities to help reduce your pain and keep it away.

Deep Tissue Massage Wolcott, CT area


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1783 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike Unit #9, Plantsville, CT, 06479

A Southington, CT business 


Tel: 203- 430-7875



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