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Expert level massage and stretching in the Cheshire, CT area.


Located at 1783 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike

Plantsville or Southington, CT

Welcome to Commence Massage a place where your personal goals are what form your treatment.


Your body is unique and your massage and overall experience should be too.

Our various programs are designed to improve the way you move, look and feel. We are not a spa, we are a health and fitness studio with your wellness in mind.

If you seek a next level massage in the Cheshire, CT area. We are your best solution. 

Come try us out and experience the difference. 

Our Assisted Stretching program is also unlike anything else around and can be beneficial for reducing pain, improving flexibility and improving movement.

Assisted Stretching is like a hybrid between massage and yoga except we do all of the work for you! 

If you seek other health based services, be sure to check out our health and fitness based programs at Commence Fitness

We are conveniently located for Cheshire, CT!

Massage Therapy

In the Cheshire, CT area

The Commence Massage Studio

Massage Therapy in the Cheshire, CT area

Before you ever get on the massage table, we go over your needs and goals.

Every area of pain, discomfort and dysfunction becomes a target in your specific plan. 

By using techniques from Swedish Massage, Cupping, Assisted Stretching and Exercise Physiology we can help you reduce pain and improve the way you move.


Whatever your goals may be, rest assured we have the tools and knowledge for the job. 

Cupping Cheshire, CT area

As stated above at Commence Massage we are pretty different compared to most other massage venues.  

If you put Massage Therapy, Personal Training, into a blender and added a dash of physical therapy into the mix our program is what you would end up with.

We offer a holistic experience and we come equipped with many techniques for re-balancing muscle tissue,

fixing posture, and stopping back pain in its tracks.

Sports Massage Cheshire, CT area

Commence Massage brings the highest quality Deep Tissue Massage, Assisted Stretching, and Cupping to the Cheshire, CT area.


We want to thank those who want to take advantage of more than one of our services with a variety of membership options for all of your health and wellness goals.   

Now is the time to stop putting off your goals and to start feeling better!

Deep Tissue Massage Cheshire, CT

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1783 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike Unit #9, Plantsville, CT, 06479

A Southington, CT business 


Tel: 203- 430-7875



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